hi I'm lights. I like cowboys and lesbians. castiel makes me happy. uriel may be the funniest angel in the garrison, but castiel is the smoothest.


what a wild ride this has been so far


the thirst is real, the hunger great..

We will sing, sing, sing away the hours.

Shout till our throats are sore.

but when is name me nobody gonna be made into a movie

answer: never

which makes me sad cause it’s like my favourite book and nobody has even heard of it :(

         For me, Cosima is the one i know, the one i used to. And i meet Rachel this season and it was really awkward.We got along, me and Tatiana.Me and Tatiana - Cosima,do you know what i mean? But me and Tatiana - Rachel is like kinda different.So I felt awkward the whole day I was like Hey buddy! I love…..

                                                               Evelyne Brochu

halinacrown replied to your post: "to do this, i must become someone els…

Because eventually once his redemption arc is complete he’ll be the Green Arrow. So. He can’t!

ahaha he already shot that title down though when jack harkness suggested it at a dinner party

oh arrow

Sarah + impersonating her genetic identicals

"to do this, i must become someone else. i must become…


is what i always expect arrow to say in his opening monologue but he does not :(