hi i'm lights. i like cowboys and oasis and pretty girls on tv.

I think if I was a television character I’d be britta perry but I aspire to be lorelai gilmore

noOOOO my phone is dying :(

Cersei: I don’t know anything. I need boys. Saving the planet makes my back hurt.
Margaery: Oh, I obviously don’t need boys for anything. That’s why I wear stripper boots during the day and eat only celery and mustard for lunch.
Cersei: I never stop smiling.
Margaery: I never start.
Cersei: My sweaters keep shrinking.
Margaery: I get up an hour early to ever so slightly curl my hair.
Lollys Stokeworth: Yeah, you’re both so different. Skinny bitches.




yeah okay!! so this is a little embarassing to have to ask but i started a gofundme for me & amy’s immigration fees.  we’re newly married and super poor. tldr; i’m the sole financial supporter right now and things are pretty tough with over $5000 in lawyer and form fees.  i’m currently also looking for a temporary third job, so fingers crossed.  any help or signal boosting is much appreciated!

les misérables + text posts

inthebackoftheimpala said: I dig your laugh

I dig YOU

but actually you srsly are the coolest

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ivywalled said: you are beautiful and kind and sassy and genuine and wonderful

EMMA THIS IS SO GROSS I am so excited to lovingly stroke your face

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Anonymous said: You're hella smart and such a hard worker omg. Totes admire that about you.

omg I pr much always feel like a dumb slacker though

This really means a lot to me!!!!!!!! Because both are qualities I really admire in people so that fact that you see it in me makes me~~~~ :D

#hit the lights! #phone blogging

tell me something u dig about me on anon